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The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is one of the formats by Mobile Academy a project by Hannah Hurtzig with changing partners and changing places. For detailed information please check:

BM Teams
Project Management:
Carena Brenner (BM Turku, 2011 / BM Dreseden 2010)
Eyal Vexler (BM Jaffa, 2009)
Carolin Hochleichter (BM Hamburg, April 05/ BM Berlin, May 05/ BM Warsaw, Oct. 05/ BM Warsaw, city version, Sept. 06)
Joanna Warsza (BM Warsaw, Oct. 05)
Barbara Piwowarska (BM Warsaw, city version, Sept. 2006)
Philipp Hochleichter (BM Warsaw, city version, Sept. 06)
Haiko Pfost (BM Berlin, April 06)
Gunda Zeeb (BM Berlin, Nov.06)
Anja Lindner (BM Berlin, March 07, BM Graz, Sept. 07, BM Wien May 08)
Anita Pieber (BM Graz, Sept. 07)
Angela Heide (BM Wien 08)
Frauke Luther (BM Liverpool, November 08)

Expert Interviewing & Advice:
Ute Meckbach (BM Dreseden 2010)
Yasmeen Daher,Yael Messer (BM Jaffa, 2009)
Barbara Gronau (BM Berlin May 05)
Anja Lindner (BM Berlin, April 06/ BM Berlin, Nov.06)
Barbara Piwowarska (BM Warsaw, city version, Sept. 06)
Beata Seweryn (BM Warsaw, Oct. 05)
Ronald Düker, Stefanie Peter, Helmut Müller-Sievers, Joseph Vogl (BM Berlin, Nov.06)
Siegmar Zacharias (BM Berlin May 05/ BM Berlin, Nov.06)
Sass Voin Vukadinovic (CO- CURATOR, BM Berlin March 07)
Kira Kirsch (BM Graz, Sept. 07)
Claus Philipp (BM Graz, Sept.07)

Film Documentation:
Kimmo Impilä (BM Turku 2011)
Marc Aschenbrenner (BM Berlin May 05/ BM Berlin March 07)
pong (BM Berlin, April 06)
Michal Rogalski (BM Warsaw, Oct. 05)
Lisa Boeffgen (BM Berlin, Nov.06)
shotshotshot (BM Graz, Sept.07)
Daniel Hoesl (BM Wien, May 08)
Leon Seth (BM Liverpool, November 08)

Web Expert Archive Warsaw:
Barbara Piwowarska
Translation (polish-english):
Warren Niesluchowski

Technical Directors:
Micky Esch, Philipp Schmidt (BM Berlin May 05)
Pawel Kamionka (BM Warsaw, Oct. 05)
Piotr Pawlik (BM Warsaw,city version, Sept. 06)
Benjamin Schälicke (BM Berlin, April 06)
Ingo Ruggenthaler (BM Berlin, Nov.06/ BM Berlin March 07)
Hermann Schapek (BM Graz, Sept.07)
Peter Walz (BM Wien, May 08)
Sara Smith (BM Liverpool, November 08)

Blackmarkets 2005 - 20011
Coproduction Mobile Academy and different partners:

The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy
March 2005, Kunstverein Hamburg, supported by Büro Kopernikus

The Hallucinated Community College of the Mobile Academy.
May 2005, HAU 2 Berlin, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Invisible, Unknown and Ghostly Knowledge I
Oct. 2005, University of Technology, Warszaw, supported by Büro Kopernikus

Encyclopedia of Dance Gestures and Applied Movements in Humans, Animals and Matter
April 2006, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Opening of the Dance Congress, Berlin, supported by Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Invisible, Unknown and Ghostly Knowledge II
Sept. 2006, city version, Warschau, supported by Büro Kopernikus

It`s a Bird, it`s a Plane, it´s Superman....American Close-Ups in 440 Dialogues
Nov. 2006, HAU1 Berlin, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Routes and Sites of the Pioneers and Functionaries of Mobility
March, 2007, HAU 1, Berlin, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

The Gift and ither Violations of the Principle of Exchange
Sept., 2007, Odeon, Graz, Production: steirischer herbst, supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds

Atmospheric Politics
Sept. 2007, Balkon, Biennale Istanbul, supported by Evens Foundation, Antwerp

Who Will Have Been the One to Blame
May, 2008, Odeon, Wien, production: Wiener Festwochen

On WASTE: The Disappearance and Comeback of Things & Values
November, 2008, Presented in association with the Live Art Development Agency. Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool Culture Company and the Goethe Institut Manchester

On Invisible, Unknown and Ghostly Knowledge
September 2009, Jewish-Arabic Center in Jaffa, a Production of the Center for Digital Art, AYAM – Recognition and Dialogue, Goethe-Institut Israel, and FAZA Productions, Supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the German-Arab cultural initiative Hiwaruna

The Far Side of Reason: Contemporary Speculations on Romanticisms
March 2010, Staatsschauspiel Dresden / Dresden State Theatre, a production of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden in association with Mobile Academy, Berlin

100 conversations about being silent in 4'33" hours
October 2011, Turku, Finnland, a co-production of Turku European Capital of Culture 2011 and Mobile Academy Berlin

The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is a project of the Mobile Academy at HAU (Hebbel Theatre), Berlin.