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about Blackmarket

The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge is one of the formats by Mobile Academy ( a project by Hannah Hurtzig with changing partners.

The Blackmarket for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge defines itself as an interdisciplinary research on learning and un-learning, knowledge and non-knowledge.

With the Blackmarket, the Mobile Academy installs a temporary show- and production space, where narrative formats of knowledge transfer are tried out and presented. The installation imitates common places of knowledge transfer like archives or the reading room in a library and combines these with communication situations, which are well-known from markets, the stock exchange, counselling or service interviews. At numerous single tables you can find experts, invited to offer a portion of their knowledge, that can be told and learned in 30 minutes. The audience - rather a customer or client at this evening - has the option to choose among ca. 150 experts and their specific knowledge offers and to check in for several half-hour talks.

Every Blackmarket deals with a different topic, according to the place and partner, the local discourse and the interest and needs of the Blackmarket archive and its hallucinations.

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